Ireland Bill Would Stop People From Speaking or Praying Outside Abortion Clinics

International   |   Cora Sherlock   |   Nov 15, 2021   |   2:16PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Efforts to silence pro-life voices in Ireland have progressed this week, as politicians work on government legislation intended to impose censorship zones outside abortion facilities.

The legislation, which has passed second stage in the upper House of the Irish government, now moves to committee stage so that it can discussed further.  This represents a further step on the road to acceptable of the Bill, which targets those who oppose abortion.

The Bill would prevent pro-life supporters  from meeting together to peacefully protest for the right to life and against abortion.  Meeting for this reason would effectively be outlawed if this Bill is passed.  In addition, the Bill would also mean that no gatherings can take place outside or within 100 metres of abortion facilities.  In a move to create “safe access zones”, the Bill pushes the agenda of those who don’t want to see any opposition to abortion, and are determined to silence those who want to see full protection for babies and women re-instated in Ireland.

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Pro-life supporters gather to pray and offer help to women who are considering an abortion.  Many people throughout the world have come forward to say that their children are alive today because someone approached them at the clinic and offered help in the form of accommodation, care items such as nappies, baby clothes or a cot.  Abortion activists choose to ignore the fact that knowing these things will be available can make all the difference to women who are desperate and feel that abortion is their only option.

By promoting this Bill, pro-abortion politicians have proved once again that they are prepared to continue to ignore the realities of abortion, and attempt to silence those who try to bring it into the open.