When Abortion Activists Protest Giving Women Pregnancy Options You Know Pro-Lifers are Winning

Opinion   |   Brian Fisher   |   Aug 23, 2017   |   4:14PM   |   Washington, DC

Recently, protesters gathered in Atlanta to protest the Human Coalition pro-life Women’s Care Clinic in the heart of the city. We weren’t the first pro-life organization targeted, nor will we be the last. And we gleaned a few encouraging takeaways from the experience.

The protest took place on Saturday, August 12, and was an official agenda item on the schedule of a national progressive conference. After Elizabeth Warren gave a morning plenary to the crowd, a few dozen protesters out of about three thousand conference attendees trekked several blocks to the United Way building in Downtown Atlanta, where our life-affirming women’s care clinic is located. Our facility is closed on Saturdays, but that did not deter protesters from shouting at our empty office.

A livestream of the event captured the normal accusations of the pro-abortion movement, namely that Human Coalition and other pro-life agencies are somehow shaming women into choosing life for their children.  Not only is this assertion insulting to women and their intelligence, it is untrue. Human Coalition reaches out to at-risk women and provides them with compassion, short-term and long-term tangible assistance,and truthful counsel about abortion, adoption, and parenting.  Our goal is most certainly to rescue children from death in the womb, and this is accomplished through establishing a trusted relationship with their mothers and families.   This approach is widely supported in communities. In fact, pro-lifers who prayed peacefully at the protesters’ hotel hub were approached by many locals who expressed their support for Human Coalition and the work we do for women and families in Atlanta.

Locals do not want to expunge pro-life voices from their communities; rather, efforts to eradicate organizations like ours are funded directly by the abortion lobby and behemoth corporate sponsors. In Atlanta, conference sponsors included Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Google, and Facebook.

The abortion lobby believes protests, misinformation campaigns, and intimidation will silence us. On the contrary, opposition by Big Abortion is a major endorsement of our efficacy – second only to the number of children we are rescuing. We already knew the pro-life movement was winning.  The abortion rate has been on a steady decline for about two decades, and the vast majority of Americans reject unrestricted abortion on-demand for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy – what most abortion groups demand.

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To date, Human Coalition has rescued 6,887 children from abortion. Almost every woman who visits Human Coalition is strongly considering abortion when she contacts us, which means that the children we rescue represent lost revenue for the abortion industry. The abortion industry has lost millions of dollars of revenue to women who, when introduced to a system built on compassionately serving them and their children, choose life instead of abortion. It’s not rocket science to see why the abortion industry wants to stop us.

For years, pro-lifers have contended with local ordinances, extreme media bias, and well-funded marketing campaigns seeking to censor and drown out our work. The truth is that the abortion industry doesn’t want women to know that there are organizations like Human Coalition that exist to help navigate the obstacles that drive women and families to consider abortion. However, we will continue to reach hurting women and rescue children until no child faces the threat of abortion.