The Abortion Industry Has a History of Exploiting Vulnerable Women

Opinion   |   Brian Fisher   |   Nov 13, 2017   |   2:56PM   |   Washington, DC

The United States government prioritizes the protection and wellbeing of human life, as evidenced by complex industries covering everything from safety to disaster recovery to medical care. To protect us from imminent danger, America maintains a world-class military and legions of first responders such as police forces, firefighters, and hospital emergency departments. Government-regulated auto safety protocols and air traffic control are designed to protect our lives during travel.

Our nation particularly emphasizes the safety and security of children (as anyone who has ever attempted to install a car seat in the back seat of a small sedan can attest). From the moment of birth, children receive every medical advantage available, with the average cost of treatment in a neonatal intensive care unit exceeding fifty thousand dollars.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, heart disease and cancer are the two leading causes of death in America, annually claiming the lives of over a million Americans.  The government combats this by investing hundreds of billions of dollars into research and treatment of those two diseases alone. Indeed, people of every race, color, and creed in America, from children to seniors, are afforded an extraordinary array of private and public services designed to protect us from disaster, disease, and death.

However, one people group is excluded from America’s systems of protection and care, with no rescue or support structures in place for their wellbeing. For over one million children in the womb each year, in fact, not only is there no structure of care in place; there is a multi-billion dollar industry that legally profits from killing them. And preborn children aren’t the only victims of this vacuum of care; pregnant women become the collateral damage of this government-sanctioned violence and neglect.

On July 4, 2016, 24-year-old Cree Erwin was found dead in her mother’s home after undergoing a botched abortion at a Michigan Planned Parenthood earlier that week. The Planned Parenthood practitioner perforated Erwin’s uterus during the abortion and Erwin developed fatal blood clots as a result. She left behind a one-year-old son. Erwin’s brother testified that his sister was emotionally distraught following her abortion, simultaneously suffering excruciating physical pain and gut-wrenching heartbreak over her decision to undergo an abortion.

The most common factors that drive women to seek abortion are social and economic. Becoming pregnant amidst turbulent relational and financial events triggers a crisis situation for pregnant women, often sending women and families into a tailspin of panic and uncertainty. In the majority of cases, the pregnancy on its own is not the crisis; rather, the convergence of a pregnancy with serious exacerbating factors creates a crisis situation.

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The number of women who face this crisis annually in the United States is significant, with approximately 1.2 million pregnant women seek an abortion each year (this figure represents about a quarter of all pregnancies). Yet, in spite of these women’s dire and obvious needs, the U.S. government only throws support behind a single industry reacting to their crises: Planned Parenthood. Thus the leading cause of death in America is not heart disease or cancer, it is elective abortion. It kills over one million human children a year in the United States.

Planned Parenthood, the annual beneficiary of more than half a billion taxpayer dollars, maintains what is tantamount to a government-sanctioned monopoly over one million women at risk to abort. In this marketplace, women do not find a spectrum of options and solutions to address their real needs; rather, the abortion industry monopoly only provide one choice: death for the child and negative consequences for the mother.

Children in the womb are the most discriminated people group in America, receiving little private funding to rescue them and their families and virtually no tax-dollar support. In light of the abortion industry’s extreme failure to provide holistic or comprehensive care to pregnant women in crisis, and their fatal disregard for human life in general, this lack of funding represents an egregious reality. Pregnant women in turbulent circumstances are confronted by a heavily-subsidized, behemoth abortion industry which peddles a single offer: to kill and remove the child from her womb. The procedure complete, the abortion business will send the woman away with an empty womb and every problem that brought her to its doors in the first place.

Despite its regular use of pro-life rhetoric, the U.S. government’s actions clearly communicate that it only wants the abortion industry to control pregnant women’s “options.” Women will not enjoy access to comprehensive solutions unless the abortion industry’s monopoly over pregnant women is broken, and competitors to Planned Parenthood are funded — competitors that offer specialized care for women in crisis and holistic solutions that won’t kill their children.