Wisconsin Senate Passes Bill to Help Pregnant Women, Promote Adoption

State   |   Pro-Life Wisconsin   |   Oct 17, 2023   |   5:12PM   |   Madison, Wisconsin

Today, the Wisconsin Senate passed legislation, entitled Embrace Them Both, that protects and supports pregnant mothers and their preborn children. Senate Bills 343, 345, and 346, together, clarify and strengthen Wisconsin abortion laws and provide the necessary resources for both moms and babies to survive and thrive in a post-Roe Wisconsin. The Embrace Them Both bills now move to the Wisconsin Assembly for public hearings and floor passage before advancing to the Governor’s desk.

“Pro-Life Wisconsin thanks the Wisconsin Senate for their courage and compassion in passing this life-affirming bill package,” said Matt Sande, Pro-Life Wisconsin Legislative Director. “We especially thank bill author Senator Romaine Quinn for his vision in introducing, and perseverance in advocating for, the Embrace Them Both legislation as we work to build a culture of life and true prosperity in Wisconsin.”

Senate Bill 343 passed on a 22 to 10 vote. The bill clarifies that medical procedures intended to save the life of a pregnant mother, and not intended to kill her preborn baby, are not abortions. Such procedures include medical emergency early induction or C-section, removal of a miscarriage, or removal of an ectopic pregnancy. Abortion, statutorily defined as the intentional killing of a living preborn human being, is never medically necessary to save the life or improve the health of the mother.

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Senate Bill 345 passed on a 22 to 10 vote. The bill requires the Department of Health Services to award an ongoing $1 million annual grant to Choose Life Wisconsin, Inc. to assist the non-profit organization in providing grants to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) across Wisconsin. PRCs support vulnerable mothers and fathers with free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, prenatal and parenting classes, STD testing and education, family planning and education, pregnancy counseling, adoption support, and abortion pill reversal, among other vital services.

Senate Bill 346 passed on a 24 to 8 vote. The bill requires the Department of Children and Families to administer a competitive grant program that provides $5 million biennially to an adoption organization that provides financial assistance to parents seeking adoptions. Assisting prospective adoptive parents with a $10,000 award will help many on the financial fence move forward with this loving gift.

Embrace Them Both provides real solutions for women and families by offering attractive incentives to not only choose life but to choose Wisconsin as a state that protects human life and encourages the growth of healthy families,” said Sande. “It rejects the lie that abortion is a legitimate solution and offers ways to assist moms and dads in their most immediate need. We look forward to working with the Wisconsin Assembly to pass this critical bill package.”